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How often should I get a massage for maintenance?

Commonly, maintenance massage can vary between weekly to monthly or every couple of months. But it is very individual for everyone. Depending on life changes, any new injuries or emotional needs, you may start to notice when it is time! 

Does it matter if I fall asleep, have a silent session or end up talking a lot during the session? 

It is completely up to you! Some people feel that conversation is relaxing and therapeutic, while others prefer quiet or sleep. This is your time and I will follow your lead either way, even if it changes throughout the session. 

When should I avoid receiving a massage?

Massage appointments should not be scheduled if you are not feeling well, for example from Covid-19, a cold, fever, virus, flu, infections, conditions of the skin that are contagious and any other health issues that are contagious, and where your immune system is working overtime to fight off sickness. The first trimester of pregnancy is not recommended for massage. In line with ethical practice and our sickness policy, please do not come in if you are not feeling well. If you discover upon arriving that you are not feeling well, your appointment will be rescheduled. 

Because massage boosts my immune system, shouldn't I still schedule an appointment so I can feel better from sickness?

While massage does have massive health benefits that are especially appealing when we're sick, such as boosting the immune system, improving sleep and relieving tension, massage while you're sick can actually make you feel worse and is not recommended, just like exercise is not recommended during sickness. Your body is already working overtime waging a war against a virus or infection. During massage therapy, an increase in circulation takes place. But when you're sick, toxins from the illness that need to be flushed out can be spread around from the circulation work. This overloads your already tired body, which is why massage during sickness can make you feel worse. At the onset of a cold, it is also not a good time to receive massage, because the colds intensity has yet to manifest; and again, your body is working over time even at this early stage. Massage is wonderful to help to clear things out from your illness once you're more recovered, but during sickness what your body needs is rest. If we're too sick to go to work, we're too sick for a massage. And of course, we would never want to expose others when we're contagious.

Do I need to fill out paperwork?

As part of providing the best quality service, on your first visit you will be asked to fill out a brief health history form that will inform me of any medical issues or pertinent health information. This information will affect how I proceed in my work so that I can support your specific needs as thoroughly as possible. Thus, it’s important to list all health concerns. You will be asked in any future appointments if there are any changes so that I can adjust our sessions accordingly if it’s needed. 

Is Deep Tissue painful and does it create soreness?

Massage, including Deep Tissue, is supposed to help sooth pain, not create it. While every person has different preferences and levels of sensitivity, I will seek to establish your individual preferences and needs at the very beginning, as well as check in with you throughout the session to maintain your comfort. As a note: There are certain health conditions where Deep Tissue is not recommended. We will be able to establish what is the best approach when learning more about your specific needs and health concerns.

Regarding soreness - We can compare Deep Tissue to an exercise workout. After a workout, we may feel a little soreness the next day especially if it's our first time exercising in a while. Our body appreciates such workouts, and we reap some immediate benefits, as well as long term benefits when we maintain our exercise routine. Similarly, if you haven’t received massage therapy for a time, it's possible you may feel mild soreness the next day after Deep Tissue. Such soreness fades, especially with more regular massage work, and you will experience the benefits of deep tissue! But you should never feel outright pain. Remember, massage is supposed to sooth or even get rid of pain. 


Do I need to undress? 

No. This is your time, and your comfort level is of utmost importance. As part of your session goals, I will ask you beforehand what you are comfortable with. You will be draped for the entire session if you choose to undress. I will step out of the room to give you time to get on and off the table. I will always knock and wait until you say you're ready before I come in.

Do you accept insurance?

Currently, I do not.

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